AI Forex - artificial intelligence trading via EA by Gdayfx

Gdayfx is producing he's own trade models and executing them via EA bot's.

Understanding volatility, price engines and projection models is a win win when it comes to creating AI to trade for you based on Bias, trade executions, Stop Loss management and equity control. These rule based models that gdayfx designs for the bot to be traded via the mt4 and mt5 loaded to the VPS are absolutely a humdinger. The variation control to the rule based bot not only uses inputs for bias, execution rule and SL, TP management it also calculates present market volatility, this is a must for EA bot traders. Once you understand your own trading design from a level of advanced trading knowledge and experience, then you can design your EA. If you know nothing about programming a trading bot for mt4, no need to worry, there are many programmers out there that can help you bring your ideas to light. Be careful though, be sure to use highly recommened EA builders for your own piece of mind.

EA trading concepts derived from the gdayfx acr program delivered from

more on this topic coming soon! 2020