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Breakers are a key element to price action, once you can see how the price breaker is formed before and after the stop run, the breaker enables you to utilize its level, with precision. Selling Fiber after New York Close, rally into the CDR highs Chart
USDX 15 minute chart breaker forms before rally higher, price resumes lower rallying into the breaker resistance before moving lower again Chart
USDX showing Breaker Block with Order Block Chart

Breakers - By Brian Stephans
Ok first off knowing where you are in reference to the higher time frame is important and the understanding of how orders are worked in an area and just 1 level is key looking at this first pic the 4hr sell ob on a higher time frame was the key area where a much larger position is going to be established so it is sold/held in a tight range accumulating shorts now remember the fact that smart money doesn't use stops and are constantly placing orders in both direction the surge up will induce even more retail longs which is translated to smart money shorts, even if you weren't sure and happened to buy the +ob you can still mitigate your loss but you could have waited for the ob to fail knowing you were anticipating smart money shorts seen here with the green level now when that ob fails it is showing its hand that higher prices are not to be expected so we the first +ob orderblock to fail will get mitigated so you identify the +ob prior to the surge which ran the initial accumulationof shorts as seen in the first pic that becomes the breaker and you stalk that area for a failure in the lower time frame as price traded back into it looking at the arrows the one pointing up is the breaker candle that created the surge to run the stops and the one pointing down is the entry
1 Chart
2 Chart
3 Chart
also note the possibility of refining entry patterns with in the breaker take a look at this 1hr breaker that ran the low because you get sometimes a initial marginal sell bounce you create lower time frame orderblock within that breaker that ran
4 Chart
the old low creating the true swing low. Lowering down your time frame you can see the 15 min buy orderblock within the breaker
5 Chart
now given that we can really pin point down on the exact level to catch the long
6 Chart
n the parent price swing and then comes back to mitigate. And the breaker is IMO better applied when positions re already being established either in an orderblock already and the surge is used to run a high on the order lock used to establish shorts or just the consolidation block that was accumulated(right side of chart) not consolidation block as in a candle but I mean the area of accumulation think the first blue box in ict's market maker models it is the surge that sets the high in that blue box the break down and failure of the block is the jumping of creek and the retest is the entry on the breaker.
SLT - "Sell Breaker" Examples from ICT's MM5 Chart Chart2
Detailed Bearish Breaker Chart - Detailed Bullish Breaker Chart by SLT
Bearish breaker turns support Chart