Judas Swing

The Judas swing term was named by ICT, he dubbed this swing concept and utilizes it upon the London Open. The idea is, the market maker will rally or sell price, normally just above or below the Asian session high or low (depending on institutional order flow bias) tricking buyers or sellers into the market to follow its direction. As the Judas swing high or low is formed, price is quickly reversed either taking out stops and or leaving traders out of the game. Judas swings can be seen on high and low time frames, though if you are an intra day trader, once higher time frame objective levels are in place and you have your directional bias in tow, you will be looking for the Judas swing to occur on a 15 minute chart time frame. You can also see the Judas swing develop on a 1 hour chart, though the 15 minute chart will show its intension a bit more clearly, when you know what you are looking for.